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What Participants Say

ROW New York

“ I knew that I would get physically stronger, but I didn’t know I

would get mentally and

emotionally stronger.”

Participant, Para Rowing

Legal Outreach 

Not only have my eyes been opened to college and future possibilities, but I have learned how to make a cohesive, intelligent argument and how to defend my position.   Student, Legal Outreach

More Than Words 

Before I came to MTW, I was moving in and out of foster homes and schools…. More Than Words was upbeat, fast-paced, and always something new to learn. I graduated in August of 2017 and received a Torch Scholarship to Northeastern!. MTW helped me get back on my feet and realize what I wanted

for myself!

Olivia, MTW Graduate


Finally a place where I can be smart and people don’t bully me and ask me why I care.  

Harlem Educational Activities Fund (HEAF) student


 Publicolor changed my whole perspective on school, test taking, social life and work.  They taught me how to manage my time and the workshops helped me see a different point of view on how to handle challenges even later on in life. Alan, Publicolor student

Dancing Dreams 

I can’t dance without help, but that is perfectly normal for me…Dancing Dreams made me believe in myself and my abilities, and let others see I am a ballerina.

Veronica, Dancing Dreams

Rocking the Boat 

I learned how to build a boat from start to finish…chop down the tree, design the boat, bend the wood and finally launch it. 

How cool is that!

Ana, Rocking the Boat

Girls and Blood pressure (003).jpg


SkillSpring taught me to balance

my life, learn priorities and

offered amazing opportunities ... internships in pharmacy,

work on clinical floors and hopefully, before

I graduate certifications

as a CNA or patient care tech.   

With these, I can

earn money while in college

and stay on track to make

everyone proud…


    SkillSpring and my parents.     

Student, Geriatric Career Development at the New Jewish Home. 


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